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Our History What does it take to be a Knight? The challenges today
The Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross was instituted by the Australian Hierarchy in 1919 to improve the well-being of discriminated Catholics in the wider community. The next decades saw great strides made in the reduction of discrimination, better employment and promotional prospects, and justice in public funding of Catholic schools. This was largely due to the efforts and sacrifices of these forbearing Knights. In 1968, the Order established Southern Cross Homes (now known as Southern Cross Care), which has grown to become one of the largest and most respected Aged Care providers in the country. The Order continues its Catholic work in all it does and says. It exists Australia wide and is affiliated with like Orders across the globe; in U.K., Ireland, U.S.A, Africa, New Zealand and [others]. A desire to make a difference in any area that is congruent with the Objects of the Order. Through your talents and the support of like-minded Knights, you can achieve great strides. The Objects are quite broad and allow you to work in almost any sphere of your interest. This work greatly enhances the four dimensions of our lives - the intelligence, the emotions, the physical and the spiritual. A key vehicle to achieve these aims is regular attendance at branch level. It is here that support and encouragement can be formed. At times your energy will be directed to issues in your local area, at other times you will be focused at Diocesan, State or National level. Meetings also include prayer and opportunities for spiritual formation. Members of the Order realise the high privilege and honour bestowed on them and a member is obligated to recite daily the Knight’s Prayer and maintain his financial membership. Are you worthy to be included in the select group of men known as the Knights of the Southern Cross? You may well be more worthy than you think. Since the birth of the Order, over eighty years ago, Australian society has undergone fundamental changes. We now live in a more sophisticated and affluent society, in which the economic issues of yesteryear have been overtaken by far more pernicious and subtle attacks on our families, religion, and at the very core foundations of our society. The moral standards of behavior in society and the moral truths proclaimed by the Church are continuously being stretched apart. There is much work needed here to serve God and Country. Whilst recognizing the demands of a pluralist society, we take the opportunity to deal with these problems not merely in a fashionable way but in a Catholic way. We recognize that to ‘secular man’ the world is only a place of human projects and human problems. We also recognize that there is much good which needs to be maintained. Many programmes exist across the Order that continue the work started, not only in our organization, but in others also. Effort and funds are expended to assist various charitable organizations and causes. Grants and awards by way of scholarships are given to support education and a substantial effort to supporting seminarian’s education and post-ordination studies. Promoting the family and fostering the Christian Way of Life is a prominent feature. By our name, through our tradition, and with our unique ecclesiastical approval the Order bears the stamp of Catholic orthodoxy in all we do and say.
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